The peer reviewer is responsible for critically reading and evaluating a manuscript in their specialty field, and then providing respectful, constructive, and honest feedback to authors about their submission. The review must be a plain text without any equations (equations are allowed in plain LaTex style if really necessary) and without figures.

A review report should give answers to these questions.

  1. Language. Is the presentation clear and sound? Does English style need a revision?
  2. Abstract. Is it clear and concise? Does it represent the essence of the research and the results?
  3. Introduction. Is the literature review appropriate? Is the motivation of the research stated clearly?
  4. Presentation. Is the presentation technically clear and sound?
  5. The experimental setup and engineering or mathematical model. Is everything correct and well described?
  6. Results. Are results clear and sound?
  7. Contribution to the state of the art in the field. Are this study and the presented results new?
  8. Conclusions. Are conclusions clear?
  9. References. Is this article free of self-citations? Is the citation geography wide enough?
  10. Impact (the most important point). Will this paper attract the attention and citations from the International Engineering Community?